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Why did the Green rise?

- Ladies and gentlemen, this is Teddy...

- Oh, no, I'm sorry. Not some bear, just a bear. And it's not just any one, it's Green. If you start like this, I'd better introduce myself.

I was born of desire. The desire of X to have a snack in the emerging Enterprise Centre. The desire of Cezary Kaźmierczak for ZPP to have its own club. The desire of Partners to show people how important a good product is for the taste of a dish and good mood. The desire of thousands of people to eat something genuinely good, honestly prepared, simply tasty, resulting from the "here and now" in which they live. The desire of cooks and waiters to do their job honestly and well. The desires of reliable farmers, cheese-makers to have their miraculous cheeses, meat, sausages and vegetables worked out with great effort and care can be appreciated in all their splendour.

Philosophy 1

I found my rook just below the Powiśle slope, near the viaduct of the Poniatowski Bridge, among the Pakru Beyer trees. What a place! A green corner in the middle of the bustling capital city! In a house that reflects my character well. It's modern, although the walls are old. I like its simplicity and nobility of proportions. Elegance and no blowing. He looks like me.

Am I for everyone? No. Only for those who value truth, goodness and beauty. I know there are many of them. I know, because I've been hosting them for over six years. And that makes me happy!

I have my wonderful people. A strong and energetic composer of flavours, Wojciech Deres, the chef. The indefatigable Galina Marko gracefully intertwines the borderland threads, Rafał Michalski Ola Wilczyńska and other brave and dedicated employees.

I value my suppliers.

I like my guests. It's nice to see them sitting at tables, having fun conversations, eating and drinking, peeking out the window every now and then to enjoy the view of the green.

I like to sit down for business and family dinners.

I also like when even 120 people come to the standing party, walk with glasses in their hands, merge into smaller groups, split up to come down in another group.

I was born of desires to quench my thirst.


We are the winners of many industry awards and distinctions.
We have remained faithful to our original assumptions - Polish Cuisine can be both simple and wonderful.